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Weekly Tummo classes with Gosia & Jonas
We offer ongoing Tummo classes on the practice of the Six Yogas of Naropa & Niguma, as well as on the Healing Tummo of the Amitayus Hayagriva lineage.

Starting on Wednesday, August 9, at 3 PM Eastern Time, we will meet every week at the same day and time for guided practice (+ Q&A). This new cycle we will focus on Vajrayogini generation stage practice and the completion stage practice of Tummo from the Six Yogas of Naropa & Niguma. On our platform are also recordings of previous Tummo cycles available (Six Yogas, Chakrasamvara & Amitayus Healing).

After you signed up you will receive from us an email with the Zoom link as well as access to our platform on which you can find all recordings, manuals, visualisation images, and Yantra (Trul Khor) videos for all Tummo systems.

If you want to participate but cannot afford the registration fee due to life circumstances or don't have a credit card, please contact us via
Enrollment in our Tummo classes comes with:
  • Weekly Live classes via Zoom
  • ​Access to all previous recordings
  • ​Videos that teach the Yantras (Trul Khor)/ physical Yogas of Tummo practice
  • ​Meditation manuals (Sadhanas)
  • ​Images of Channels, Chakras etc.
  • ​Opportunity to ask questions during the classes and via Email, Messenger etc.
  • ​Private Facebook Group

About Gosia & Jonas

Gosia and Jonas are practicioners of Vajrayana buddhism for over a decade and are living in the south-west of Ireland. Gosia is a sociologist and psychotheraphist and Jonas has an extensive background as trainer for Qi Gong and Tibetan Breath Yoga/ Trul Khor. 
Both have permission from their teacher Lama Glenn Mullin to teach the Tummo practices of the Six Yogas of Naropa & Niguma and the Amitayus Healing Tummo as well as other Vajrayana practices.

About Lama Glenn Mullin

Glenn Mullin is the author of over thirty books on Tibetan Buddhism, many of which have been translated into a dozen foreign languages. His earlier titles focus on the lives and works of the early Dalai Lamas. Other titles of his elucidate practice traditions such as Lam Rim, Lojong, the Six Yogas of Naropa, Kalachakra, and so forth. He has been an international teacher of Tantric Buddhist meditation for the past thirty years. Glenn lived in Dharamsala, India, for fifteen years. There he studied under twenty-five of the greatest masters of Tibet, including the Dalai Lama and his two main gurus, Ling Rimpoche and Trijang Rimpoche.
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